30 May 2009

Saturday Bangers!

So for most of you, it's the weekend (unless you're working like me...eff). Anyways, here are some tracks that'll get your weekend bumpin', and the ladies humpin'. For real.
Listening to either one of these with the windows rolled down in your mom's station wagon on a fine day like today will surely get you some attention.

Boys Noize even got 50 Cent to drop some fiyah on this track....so dig it.

Download: Black Eyed Peas feat. 50 Cent - Boom
Boom Pow (Boys Noize Remix)
Download: Lady Gaga feat. LMFAO - Love Game (Party Rock Remix)

29 May 2009

All the Small Things

Y'all know by now that Blink 182 is coming to Edmonton, and rumour has it that tickets go on sale tomorrow. So in honour of this tremendous occasion, watch this video. This won't have censored titties like the last video, but trust me.......its fucking good.

This is from a BBC show called All the Small Things. I haven't caught much of it, but from this clip, it seems like it's pretty rad. I'm also not quite sure what's going on with the midget/little person/dwarf/whatever is politically correct.

Let's start things off French..

Continuing with my theme du jour, the French are famous for a few things. Baguettes, giant metal structures, love, pencil-staches, and nudity. Oh and lets throw music in there too, since Justice/Daft Punk/Ed Banger are all up there. So what happens when you combine nudity and music together? Make the Girl Dance.

For the gals; this is very 'artsy'.
For the guys; this is very 'hot'.....or shall I say, 'chaud'?

Download: Make the Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby
Download: Make the Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby (No Kiss With Gloss Remix)


I have returned to the world of blogging, this time, I'll try not to get busted by the RIAA or whatever for distributing free music. You've gotta stick it to the man......so here we are. Les rues. The streets (not to be confused with Mike Skinner, the British whiteboy rapper)

Over the next few days, I'll hopefully drop all my goodness that has been collecting since my last blog died, and let me tell you, I've got some pretty juicy stuff. So keep an eye out. It'll be a potpourri of music, videos, images, whatever makes all you hipsters giddy. I might have some guest contributors too, so who knows what this will be.