29 June 2009

MSTRKRFT x Lil Wayne x Keri Hilson

I was SUCH a huge MSTRKRFT fan back in the day, but ever since their album, Fist of God, came out.....I'm not feeling them so much. I know they've got that "signature style"....but they need to freshen things up. It's just kinda the same old stuff. But this track isn't too bad, because EVERYONE likes Lil Wayne. Even Gatorade. And the only real reason i listen to this song is to hear him say "I HOPE YOUR VAGINA TIGHT". And isn't that picture making you trip mad ballz?

Download: Keri Hilson feat. Lil Wayne - Turnin' Me On (MSTRKRFT Remix)

26 June 2009


The first band that has been featured twice on Les Rues..............is Black Eyed Peas. What the phunk?
I won't lie, I'm really digging the original of the song. It's just one of those songs that helps you get psyched for your summer evening on the town, y'know? But the Barletta remix is one of the few remixes out there right now, and it's definitely better than the David Guetta remix.

So let's get it started/retarded. MOZELTOFF!

Download: Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling (Barletta Edit)

P.S. Don't worry, MJ tribute coming soon.

23 June 2009


N.A.S.A. No, not the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. I'm talking North America/South America, the collab between DJ Zegon and Sam Spiegel (Squeak E Clean). You've probably heard of them already with all the hype that surrounds anything related to Kanye. But this track is unreal. It has this creepy gauntlet intro, like the kind you used to hear in video games when you were approaching that castle with that badass boss. Then these vocals kick in, and you're all "what the shit?". BUT THEN.....just wait.....about a minute and a half in, some beats are laid down. But the real stuff that makes my panties wet comes halfway through the song. So just listen to the whole song, and not the first 20 seconds and think its shit. It's unreal. Ever heard one of those songs that you can't help but bob your head to? This is one of those songs. Like a boss.

Download: N.A.S.A. - Way Down (Dan Sena Remix)

20 June 2009

If you like Girl Talk.....

You'll fucking love E-603.
He does the exact same thing as Girl Talk, and maybe even better. His name is Ethan, and he's from New Hampshire (area code: 603). Thus, E-603. Rumour has it he puts out a better live performance than Girl Talk, which is pretty hard to believe.
His newest album, Torn Up, dropped online on June 19th, and it's up for grabs, FOR FREE. (Well, it's like the Radiohead/Girl Talk "donate what you want" idea.....except E-603 offers some pretty funky shit up for grabs when you donate)
This guy samples all artists from all ends of the spectrum, from Blink-182, to Interpol, to Beyonce, to Modest Mouse, Disturbed, to Passion Pit, to 50 Cent, to M83, to Notorious B.I.G., and to whatever else gets your dick hard. You'll get the hardest wood you've ever had once you listen to some of this. There's something for everyone in this album.


Just remember.....you found out about E-603 on Les Rues. Remember that. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the biggest albums of the summer.

17 June 2009


You all know Travis Barker of Blink-182/TRVS x DJAM fame. And probably his remixes of artists like Soulja Boy, Rihanna, Eminem, etc.
You all know Shwayze, the ultimate duo with their own show on MTV, and creators of the ultimate summer track, Buzzin'.

Now check this.
Shwayze's upcoming single, Get U Home, remixed by Travis Barker. This shit is balls to the wall.

16 June 2009


Death Metal Disco Scene.
What the flip does that even mean?
1. They're not death metal.
2. They're not disco.
3. They're definitely not scenester.
So who are they?
A duo out of the UK that are remixing tracks left right and center, but forget all that. Listen to this. The track is called 21, and I'm hooked! It's a catchy, feel-good track. I love the intro where they gradually add more layers to the track along with the lyrics. You'll know what I mean when you hear it.
This isn't a track you'll be grindin' pussay to at the Ranch, sorry. It's a little feminine....but in the cool way, like Metric or Yeah Yeah Yeahs chick/chique-cool.

Download: Death Metal Disco Scene - 21

10 June 2009


I've been receiving some peer pressure as of late to post up some tracks, so here it is. A big fat summer banger for those long nights of cruising with the boys, and hitting on fat chicks with cameltoes.

By now, everyone AND their mom has heard of Kid Cudi, the sensation of 2007/2008, that radio stations are FINALLY getting a hold of (especially the Crookers remix. seriously 91.7 the bounce, stop playing it. it was cool a year ago). BUT have you heard of Kid Cranberry??? Neither have I, until I heard this track.

Holy balls, listen to this. This is the money, right here. Cameltoe money.

Download: Kid Cranberry - Get Drunk (The Grenade Remix)

08 June 2009

Phoenix - Lisztomania

I'm a pretty big Phoenix fan, and I did a review for their new album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, earlier this year. (Read it HERE)

Anyways, one of their singles is titled Lisztomania, and I think it's pretty self explanatory. But watch these videos that kids with too much time on their hands made. First up is a mashup of Lisztomania and scenes from The Breakfast Club, where they know how to get jiggy wid it. Second is a cover of the first video, but for some reason it's just a feel good video with a good vibe to it.

And don't worry, I'll post some downloads in the next few days, and not just videos, you cheap whores.

phoenix - lisztomania *brooklyn pack mashup* from ian parker on Vimeo.

07 June 2009

Notorious B.I.G. x Dan Black

Notorious B.I.G.? he's big, he's black, and he means serious business.
Dan Black? Your typical Urban Outfitters whore, who listens to whatever they have playing at the store, and wears those damn scarves even when it's warm out. Not to mention those multi-coloured sunglasses that make it look like a rainbow shit on his eyes.

Anyways, Dan Black covered Notorious B.I.G. I'm not saying its the best cover in the entire world, but it's definitely worth a watch/listen.

Dan Black - HYPNTZ

Notorious B.I.G. (Original) - Hypnotize

03 June 2009


We lost someone that put a smile on everyone's face yesterday, so this is a little dedication to Owen Schlosser. This guy made everyone smile, so keep on truckin', and smile like you mean it. We'll never forget you.

As Billy Joel would say, only the good die young.

David Gray - Smile Like You Mean It (The Killers Cover)

Tally Hall - Smile Like You Mean It (The Killers Cover)

01 June 2009


No, I'm not talking like a hockeyboy.
I'm talking about Siik, the guy who made the world's WORST song.......into a good song. Now you might think, "W-T-F mate?". Well STFU and just listen to this shit. For some reason, all the girls seem to love the song, Single Ladies, by Beyonce. I don't know why. I think it's absolute garbage (although I do agree that JT looks smokin' in that unitard). But lo and behold, Siik comes to the rescue, by resurrecting this massacre of a song. Siik also remixes Good Life by Kanye West, but he just makes a great song even better.

So get ready to jizz in your pants when you hear what Siik turned Single Ladies into.
And also, I know lots of you have heard me play these songs a long time ago, but I felt it was time to unleash the beast to the e-world. These are a little more relaxing than most of the other bumpin' remixes....but deal with it.

Download: Beyonce - Single Ladies (Siik Remix)
Download: Kanye West feat. T-Pain - Good Life (Siik Remix)