22 September 2010

teenage dream

This is way better than that fucking viral video of that kid with dwarfism trying to lip sync.

21 September 2010


If you have half an hour to kill (which I know you do, since you were bored enough to come to this blog...), then I highly recommend you check this documentary on everyone's favourite Gregg Gillis. Even though it's really more of an extended music video for a mixtape. Saw him at Sled Island, and damn...those toilet paper blowers are awesome.
Thanks to JB for the heads up on this

19 September 2010

Gold Panda

I heard this song on friday, and it's been on repeat ever since. And I don't know why. There's something irritatingly catchy about it, but I can't put my finger on it. Just something that makes me want to press the Repeat button on iTunes until it displays the Repeat 1 logo....and just let it play.
A little about Gold Panda...
"Gold Panda is a left-field producer and remixer called Derwin who makes instrumental soundtracks to half-remembered, dreamy summer days. He scours charity shops for old records and VHS tapes to turn into distorted samples, and wraps them in minimal, warm beats.
He is obsessed with Japan and its culture, and once sold his entire record collection to pay for a Japanese diploma at the School of Oriental and African Studies, before moving there for a year."
Gold Panda - You

18 September 2010


K I'm in a blogging mood right now. But if you like Phoenix, I think you'll really like The Pass. Their new album, Burst, is out September 21st, but you can check it out now.

One of the few bands that I'm genuinely excited about, and I think will blow up the scene pretty soon. Vultures is solid gold.

BURST by The Pass


A lot of hype following Swedish band Junip, thanks to their lead singer, the one and only Jose Gonzalez. They gave away their new Fields EP for free on Sept. 14th, and in case you missed it, be sure to check this. Favourite so far is Sweet and Bitter, it hooks you from the beginning.

16 September 2010

will smith has incredible sperm

first the karate kid....now this?

04 September 2010

the future

Labrinth. You heard it here first.

02 September 2010

naked & famous x skeet skeet

Seems like DJ Skeet Skeet is on board with the Naked and Famous too.

"Really liked this song but it fell a little flat in my sets so I spent a little time fixing it up for our party MEGA."

Funky fresh.

The Naked & Famous - Young Blood (Skeet Skeet's MEGA Edit) by skeet skeet

31 August 2010


Beloved Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim just released this new track, off their new album set to be released 11/2. They're a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, cause they're so feel-good. But enough of that, check/download the new track. Digging the funky tuba bassline. Such a good end of summer beat.

Cameras by mattandkim