24 September 2009


Remember that token paraplegic black kid from Degrassi; The Next Generation? I sure do. I guess the real question is...why was I watching D;TNG?

Download: Drake - Best I Ever Had (Grandtheft Remix)

23 September 2009


Now you may be asking....where the funk have you been?
Well I haven't had a working laptop for the past few weeks, and the move-in/school was a bitch....not that you really care.

So enjoy Shakira....remixed. (Did anyone else know she's like, 32 now? holy)

Download: Shakira - She Wolf (Villains Remix) FUCKING CEASE AND DESIST REMOVALS

01 September 2009


If you know me, then you know I love Steve Aoki. Anyways, new video for his single "I'm in the House" with Zuper Blahq, which I'm 99% sure is will.i.am
Kids who like tripping on acid will probably recognize some of this effed up video
Skip to 2:36, that's when they start shouting out the biggest names in electro. Wicked.