31 December 2009

LAST POST OF 2009...

Now that your teenage panties got all giddy from the Twilight poster....did you know it's going to be a blue moon tonight? So 2009 came with it's ups and downs, such as the closure of my first blog, but then LR rose from the ashes. Speaking of blogs, check out Marley's blog for some good reads and celeb gossip. she knows her shit. Anyways, I'll keep this one short since you're all probably getting ready for an big night out on the town. I promised this track to Asha, but I never got around to it....and it's pretty fitting, since the original is definitely one of my favourite tracks of 2009. So a remix of that song is pretty funky fresh, yeah?

happy new year, gang

p.s. i'll list some of my favourite albums/songs of 2009 in 2010, don't worry.
Download: Passion Pit - Moth's Wings (Eric Solomon Remix)

27 December 2009


THIS is my jam.
I might as well start to wrap up 2009 with that dead-mau-five that everyone's been talking about....One of the biggest tracks of '09, I don't think I need to say much more. Everyone's heard it, but it's time to relive one of the most popular tracks of the year.

Download: Deadmau5 - Ghosts N Da Ayre (Donald Glaude and Ross.FM's Mashup)

24 December 2009


Happy holidays y'all!
This is a track that'll make you shake your tailfeathers all break. I've always had quite the crush on Lykke Li, but this remix is pretty gold.
I'm digging it, and you should too.

Merry (insert whichever holiday you celebrate)!

Download: Lykke Li - Dance Dance Dance (Buraka Som Sistema Remix)

21 December 2009


Ahhhh yes...a throwback to my life-fulfilling French classes, where I really only remember words like grenouille, vache, and ananas. Avoir/etre? Forget it. But I suppose since this blog's name is french, I should honour that occasionally.
Anyways, this is a track by Terry Poison, a band originally from Israel, but reside in Paris and Oslo. It doesn't really matter, but you'll like it, I promise.

P.S. can you believe John Frusciante left RHCP?
P.P.S. can you believe Brittany Murphy is dead?

Download: Terry Poison - Comme Ci Comme Ca (The Twelves Version II Remix)


I'm still pretty cheesed that John Frusciante left the Red Hot Chili Peppers over a year ago, but it became official last week. I'll definitely miss his invisible skateboarding videos.

16 December 2009


Seriously, Timbaland changed the rap-game with his signature "ayyyy", and 2009's golden boy, Drake, come together for a song that I didn't really dig off of Shock Value II. But JEY, of Souldiggaz, redid this song into a masterpiece. Big beats, and some better instrumentals make this song great.

Download: Timbaland feat. Drake - Say Something (JEY Remix)

15 December 2009


This is some seriously unreal stuff. Pogo, a kid from Perth, Australia, microsamples tracks and constructs them into some trippy tracks. Like this, he only samples the one and only Mary Poppins, and he does it well. Check out the video, and download the track, you'll be blown away.

P.s. fuck exams.

Download: Pogo - Expialidocious

07 December 2009


My mind has been blown. This is some of the most unreal stuff I've ever heard. Everything about it. The sampling, the beats, the lyrics, ERRRRRYTHING!! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are putting together some seriously amazing shit. I haven't been this psyched on new music in a lonnnnggg time. Well done, gents.

Irish Celebration samples Beirut's Scenic World , and has some serious Irish roots, and some pretty badass lyrics. Let's just say Macklemore drops some lines like "a rebellious nation of freckle-faced hustlers". That's just fucking awesome.

Then Crew Cuts samples The Bravery's Believe , and that guitar riff is pretty good as it is. With Xperience lending his hand with this track, how can you not listen to it?


Download: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Irish Celebration

Download: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis - Crew Cuts (Feat. Xperience)

05 December 2009


Not going to lie, this song has been on repeat for the past week, but I haven't shared it with y'all yet. I know, I'm a selfish ass. But hopefully I made up for it with my awesome Microsoft Paint skills. I know you're impressed. I also know you're going to Google Leighton Meester's sextape. Perverts. But this track is by B.o.B aka Bobby Ray, from Atlanta, and this song is ridiculously catchy. 'nuff said.

p.s. as a special treat, I didn't use the ever-popular B-Spears album art. You're welcome.

Download: B.o.B (feat. Bruno Mars) - Nothin' On You

03 December 2009


This guy is my fucking idol (you probably knew that already), but he's been hard at work, currently on his Over the Hill tour, he spins every night, but still manages to remix tracks, design clothes, run his label, and just be awesome. Now that I've finished e-sucking his dick, check these two new tracks he did. Kid Cudi? Drake? Those two guys are 20% of my Top 10 Black Dudes list (which also includes Tiger Woods as of lately, and Morgan Freeman)
P.s. did you know the new Kid Cudi video for Pursuit of Happiness is going to be produced by teen-fem-heartthrob, Josh Hartnett? Hot damn.

Download: Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)

Download: Drake - Forever (Steve Aoki Remix)

01 December 2009


For any guy out there, that's Taylor Swift and her prom date. That totally makes you think you have a shot at dating her, doesn't it? That's a fucking slick 'do.
Anyways, here's a cool video of an instrumental cover by two dudes who live in their moms basement and jam out quietly before their dads want to watch the football game so they have to be quiet.