31 January 2010


It's that day of the week again. You should be wearing your Sunday-best at church with your parents, but instead, you're nursing that throbbing headache, and wondering who that dude/chick/both/unidentifiable person is beside you in bed. Let's look back at one of 2009's funniest films, The Hangover. DJ JEM remixed one of the funniest scenes from that movie, so that makes it awesome, even if the song blows (cocaine...get it?)

The Hangover- Strippers & Cocaine (DJ JEM REMIX) by DJjem

29 January 2010


Ahhhh yes. MGMT. Formerly the Management. Probably one of my favourite songs of the past few years, I remember listening to Kids for the entirety of the summer of 2007 with C-Beck, after discovering them from this video. This was before they even had a drummer. Kickin' it old school.

Anyways, fast forward to 2010, where my interest in dubstep has grown exponentially in the past week. I don't know why, but it has. So let's mix dubstep and MGMT. There are thousands of remixes of this song, and only a few really get me groovin', but this is one of them. Dig it.

Download: MGMT - Kids (Bukez Finezt Dubstep Bootleg)

25 January 2010


Even though Katy Perry is engaged to mega-douche Russell Brand, her songs still make me wanna crank dat soulja boy. And let's be honest, Timbaland just knows how to make the bitches drop their panties. But enough about those cats, Chew Fu drops another dope edit, and it's definitely worth a listen. or 12, according to my iTunes. in the past day. don't hate.

Download: Timbaland feat. Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again (Chew Fu Deja Chew Fix)

23 January 2010


LeBron James rapping to Eminem's part of Forever. 'nuff said.

14 January 2010


This track is courtesy of the the swedes.....Mille. And it get's me jacked.For some reason, this song really makes me want to air guitar, and just shred. It's kinda got like an 80's feel to it, where it would be the backing track to Rocky training or something, while pounding on meat.
But if you know me, there's nothing like a good instrumental track to get you pumped up. This is some fergalicious shit. Welcome to the weekend.

Download: Mille - Crysteena (Fear of Tigers Remix)

10 January 2010


You need to listen to this. It's awesome.
I think every male out there wishes he was Tiger Woods. Athlete. Sex god. All-around awesome son of a bitch. But now you can live his life through this song by Maino, a great song to bump to with ur boiz.

Tiger muthafuckin' Woods. My favourite half-asian athlete. Sorry Paul Kariya.

Download: Maino - Tiger Woods

06 January 2010


Hmmm so apparently Tswift x U2 is "so cheesy and smoochy", and was successful in "ruining with or without you", so I guess I'll have to post something a little more ballsy. CLF, this is for you. A hard-hitting Jay-Z/young hova/h to the izzo/jiggaman/iceberg slim/j hova that will slap you in the face around 2:40. A nice throwback to the original track. This deserves to be pumped through quality speakers, not the speakers of your ultra-trendy macbook/free headphones included with your ipod

Download: Jay-Z - Public Service Announcement (Clockwork's Fellow Americans Remix)

05 January 2010


No, I'm not talking about that Powerman 5000 song. Did I just really outdate myself? Probably. But this is from a mixtape from stereogum and team9, and most of it isn't that fantastic, but this track blew my brains out, kind of like when you watch Avatar in imax 3D. Speaking of Avatar, read THIS .
Anyways, Taylor Swift. So hot right now. U2. So hot right now. Together? Double the hot shtuff. Everyones favourite, Love Story, mashed with the instrumentals of With or Without You. I think it's impossible not to like this song.

Download: Stereogum x Team9 - Without A Love Story (Taylor Swift x U2)

04 January 2010


Let's kick things off with an flashback track that's still gold in my books. Know why? Cause it's a cover of an even older track, that everyone loves.

The legendary GnR. Guns n Roses baby. I still have my old Use Your Illusion tapes somewhere too. Anyways, dig it, it was covered by Flat Pack, and then edited by Mylo, a big name in the game. An angelic voice for a classic, with a funkadelic beat? Why not.

Download: Flat Pack - Sweet Child of Mine (Mylo Edit)