31 December 2009

LAST POST OF 2009...

Now that your teenage panties got all giddy from the Twilight poster....did you know it's going to be a blue moon tonight? So 2009 came with it's ups and downs, such as the closure of my first blog, but then LR rose from the ashes. Speaking of blogs, check out Marley's blog for some good reads and celeb gossip. she knows her shit. Anyways, I'll keep this one short since you're all probably getting ready for an big night out on the town. I promised this track to Asha, but I never got around to it....and it's pretty fitting, since the original is definitely one of my favourite tracks of 2009. So a remix of that song is pretty funky fresh, yeah?

happy new year, gang

p.s. i'll list some of my favourite albums/songs of 2009 in 2010, don't worry.
Download: Passion Pit - Moth's Wings (Eric Solomon Remix)

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