10 June 2009


I've been receiving some peer pressure as of late to post up some tracks, so here it is. A big fat summer banger for those long nights of cruising with the boys, and hitting on fat chicks with cameltoes.

By now, everyone AND their mom has heard of Kid Cudi, the sensation of 2007/2008, that radio stations are FINALLY getting a hold of (especially the Crookers remix. seriously 91.7 the bounce, stop playing it. it was cool a year ago). BUT have you heard of Kid Cranberry??? Neither have I, until I heard this track.

Holy balls, listen to this. This is the money, right here. Cameltoe money.

Download: Kid Cranberry - Get Drunk (The Grenade Remix)


  1. Don't lie, you did not listen to Kid Cudi in 2007...

  2. that picture actually makes me physically ill. i hate you.