04 July 2009


I know for you indie-hipsters that are already on the ball, these guys are old news, I know. For the rest of the population, may I present to you..........Miike Snow. I know from the picture, they look kinda freaky...but once you hear their music, you'll realize they're nothing like that. They're just an all-around feel good Swedish bands that's named after Japanese film director Takashi Miike (thank you Wikipedia), that know how to make you groove. And no, they don't sound like that guy who does all the radio ads for Ikea.

Since I've been slacking as of late on this blog, enjoy 3 awesome songs by Miike Snow. Now shut the fuck up J-M V-E D-S. Yeah. I said it.

Download - Miike Snow - Animal
Download - Miike Snow - Song for No One
Download - Miike Snow - Silvia

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